Middle School at CAWS

Are you looking for a middle school curriculum that will inspire, motivate and challenge your children, foster independent thinking and instill a deep interest and love of the world around them?

Early adolescence rivals only toddlerhood in its risk and opportunity for healthy development. Few other moments in childhood are as crucial in forming a strong, coherent sense of self, confidence in one's abilities, and secure, stable relationships with peers, parents, and teachers. Young adolescents crave both rigorous academic opportunities and strengthened relationships with adults in their lives during what can be a fragile time in their development. The typical middle school is not designed to meet the developmental needs of most youth as they are often too large, too impersonal, and too rigid.  At a time when young people are working hard to discover who they are and who they are going to become, Cape Ann Waldorf School offers a safe environment for growth and discovery.

Moving from a self-contained, familiar elementary school into a larger, less personal middle school may not be a step that your family is comfortable taking. Being able to keep a close relationship with the teachers and peers in a more intimate educational environment might serve your children better as they prepare for high school. Cape Ann Waldorf School offers a rigorous middle school curriculum which addresses the fragile time of pre-adolescence and thoroughly prepares them in a well-paced and well-rounded manner for the challenges of high school, college and beyond. The curriculum is not driven by standardized testing but rather by where the students are developmentally - intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. The teachers have the flexibility to investigate subject matter above and beyond the norm and children respond positively to learning in this fashion, whether it's physics, algebra, Shakespeare, or the Industrial Revolution. In addition, the arts, music, physical activity and movement - which help young people to stay active and engaged - are integrated within the subjects taught. The social fabric of the classroom is carefully addressed to ensure that all children are able to safely and securely move from childhood into adolescence.

To find out more about Middle School at CAWS, please contact Admissions Director Kelly Hiselman.  

Top and below:  the CAWS 7th grade with teacher Mrs. Babcock


The CAWS 6th grade tackles astronomy

Below: The 2011 Graduating Class.  More on this wonderful group of students here.