Transferring to a Waldorf School

What to Expect

Children who transfer to a Waldorf school in the first four grades usually are up to grade in reading, math, and basic academic skills. However, they usually have much to learn in bodily coordination skills, posture, artistic and social activities, cursive handwriting, and listening skills. Listening well is particularly important since most of the curricular content is presented orally in the classroom by the teacher. The human relationship between the child and the teacher is the basis for healthy learning, for the acquiring of understanding and knowledge rather than just information. Children who are used to learning from computers and other electronic media will have to adjust, but usually do so without issue within the first few months of school.

In Grades 5 through 8, a meeting with our Admissions Director and one of our middle school teachers would prove most valuable in giving you an idea of what the transfer would be like for your child.