Educational Support

The Educational Support Committee includes teachers and staff who consult colleagues with experience and/or training in special or remedial education. The group is developing a structure within our overall educational goals to recognize and address children in need of educational support.

Prospective students for admission are reviewed by a team comprised of a member from this committee, teachers and staff.  Key criteria include an ability of the student to access the curriculum and be a successsful member of the class as a whole.  We review current school reports, testing and other evaluations to determine CAWS' ability to serve the child through a partnership with the parents.  We invite the student in for a visit if we believe that we are able to successfully meet the child's educational needs, including proposing outside professional support where necessary.

If we are unable to meet the student's needs, the admissions director contacts the family to share this decision and, where possible, make recommendendations for other schools to consider.

An assessment for all students in the kindergarten and second grade takes place each year. This gives the teachers a picture of the individual child and the class, and is a way to review each child’s development at important stages. All assessments are followed by a meeting with the teacher and parents.