NurseryNursery (2.9 - 4.6 years)

Children must turn 2 years old by December 1 prior to September (of the coming school year) in order to be considered for Nursery admissions.

2013-2013 Schedule

2-Day Bluebell Nursery - Tuesday and Thursday
3-Day Sunflower Nursery - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Nursery class hours are from 8:10 am - 12 Noon.

After-Care is available every day until 2:30 pm or 5:30pm. 

Extended Day/After-Care Programs


Nursery  Classes

The Nursery teacher, the center of a Waldorf Nursery class, works with her young children by creating a warm, beautiful and loving home-like environment, which is protective and secure and where things happen in a predictable, regular manner.

In our Nursery classes, a strong and consistent rhythm carries the day and the week. This contributes directly to the child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being and development. A typical morning includes:

Free Play:

During free play, the children have the opportunity to develop their social skills. The children are free to choose their activities and their playmates. Free play may include dressing up, playing with puppets, building with natural materials, “cooking”, or playing house. All activities are initiated by the children themselves, and this kind of play takes place both inside and outdoors every day.

Main Activity:

A broad range of artistic and practical activities gives the children a clear perception of work processes and processes in nature. For example by baking bread, the child participates through the complete activity of grinding the wheat berries, sifting and mixing ingredients, shaping the bread loaves, smelling the baking bread, and finally, enjoying the fruit of their labors by having the bread for snack. The world is good!

Morning Language Arts Circle:

The morning circle is comprised of classical fairy tales, folk legends, songs, poetry and nature stories, finger plays and creative movement. Themes change seasonally.

Snack and Clean-up Time:

The school provides a wholesome snack prepared in the morning. For example, the children help to prepare vegetable soup or whole grain bread. The children and teachers work together to clean up after snack and to care for their environment.

Outdoor Free Play:

Our playground includes natural climbing logs, sandbox, swings, and climbing equipment. Through active outdoor play, the children joyfully develop and test their physical skills.


The teacher tells a story from memory every day. This gives the children the opportunity to create rich, detailed mental pictures from their imaginations. These inner pictures of the spoken word become the basis for making meaning out of symbolic, written language.

How does all this play help prepare the young child for the grades?

Sequencing, sensory integration, eye-hand coordination tracking, appreciating the beauty of language and other basic skills necessary for the foundation of academic excellence are fostered in the Nursery and Kindergarten. In this truly natural, loving and creative environment, the children are given a range of activities and the structure that help them prepare for the next phase of school life.