Mission Statement

adopted February, 2012


The mission of Cape Ann Waldorf School is to help students discover and develop their
individual capacities so that they can fully engage in the world and contribute meaningfully to society. We aim to cultivate clarity of thinking, compassion and moral strength, and purposeful action in our students.

Our educational approach is founded on the time-tested insights into human development
applied by Waldorf schools throughout the world. We integrate a rich, age-appropriate
curriculum in the humanities, math, and science with music, visual and practical arts, and
movement. We work to make lessons active, filled with imagination, and connected with
practical life. We recognize that the heart of education is the relationship between teacher and students, which grows and changes to meet the distinct developmental stages of the child.

Building community is also vital to our mission. Faculty, parents, alumni, and friends
collaborate to tend and grow the school, modeling the lifelong learning, fruitful cooperation, and purposeful work we aim to develop in our students.